How to restore a Knowledge Document after "deleting" it through the GUI
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How to restore a Knowledge Document after "deleting" it through the GUI


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When you right click on a knowledge document in the Service Desk GUI and select "delete" you will no longer be able to find that document even if you search inactive documents. You may want to restore a document that was incorrectly deleted on your system. To this follow these steps.


To restore a knowledge document that was accidentally deleted by right clicking on it and selecting "delete" follow these simple steps:

  1. Open SQL Enterprise Management Studio
  2. Navigate to the mdb - and run a query against the SKELETONS table to find the record for the document that was "deleted" (you can search by the title or the number (id) if you have it)
  3. On that record, locate the status_active field - you will notice it is set to a value of a negative number - for example "-100" or "-101"
  4. Edit the record and set the status _active field to "1" and commit the change
  5. Open a command line on the service desk primary server, and run the following command to update the cache: "pdm_cache_refresh -t SKELETONS"

Now you should be able to edit and access that document that was previously deleted.

NOTE: If you have purged knowledge docs using the archive/purge parameters in Service Desk, the document may actually be gone completely if it met the criteria specified for the archive/purge parameter.


Release: UAPMAC990JPP-12.6-Asset Portfolio Management-Asset Configuration