Transaction Review (Financial Plans in New UX) portlet: pagination does not work
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Transaction Review (Financial Plans in New UX) portlet: pagination does not work


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Transaction Review (Financial Plans in New UX) portlet:

When pagination exists due to the amount of transactions you are unable to view the transactions that are not present on the first page. Pagination does not work

1. Admin > Finance > Manage Matrix > Create a Rate Matrix with a single catch all row 
2. Create a project and financially enable it
   Add a financial department and location, set the financial status to open and add a charge code
   Add the above matrix to the project
3. Add a team member to the project
4. Create a task and assign the resource to the task
5. Home > Reports and Jobs > Jobs
6. Run Rate Matrix Extraction job with options 2, 3, 4 and 5
7. Create more than 600 transactions
   See attached sample file to XOG the transactions (transactions_write.xml)
8. Once XOGed in, check Invalid Transactions were you will see the XOGed in transactions with status New
9. Home > Reports and Jobs > Jobs
10. Run the Post Transactions to Financial job
    You will notice the Invalid Transactions are now gone
11. Run the Post to WIP job
12. Transactions are now processed and present on PPA_WIP tables
13. On the Classic UI > Home > Financial Management > Posted Transaction Review filter by the project of testing.
14. Note there is pagination on the portlet > Pagination works
15. Move to the Modern UX
16. Create a project Blueprint and ensure the Financial Plans module is present
17. Get the project we are using for testing and associate it to the new Blueprint
18. Go to the Financial Plans module
19. Create a Cost Plan 
20. Go to the Planned To Actuals View
21. Note the Actual figure is hyperlinked. Click on it and the Transaction Review Portlet opens
23. Look at the portlet data
24. Note there is pagination on the portlet
25. Click on to move to the next page

Expected Results: Pagination works and you get to display the second page
Actual Results: It states pagination has been done, but the results shown are as per first page


This is caused by DE59094


This is fixed in 15.9.3

Additional Information

In 15.9.1 a new Actual Transactions portlet has been added to the Financials Module
Pagination works on this portlet