How to re-submit a Risk Survey for a Change Order
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How to re-submit a Risk Survey for a Change Order


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It is not possible to change a submitted Risk Survey. However it is possible to submit a new one (to replace it), but only if a workflow is not attached to the Change Order Category.


To submit a new Risk Survey for a Change Order, you may follow these steps:

  1. Be sure that no workflow is attached to the Change Order; if it is, do not continue with these steps.
  2. Edit the Change Order, make note of the current value that is set for the Category field, delete the value that is in the Category field, and Save the Change Order.
  3. Edit the Change Order, set the value of the Category field to the original value, and Save the Change Order.
  4. Note that the Risk Survey button is enabled. Click on it and submit the new values for the new survey.


Component: ARGIS