How to change the infuxdb bind-address and port
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How to change the infuxdb bind-address and port


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How to change the influxd bind address and port in the case of a port conflict.


Release : 20.2

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


The influxdb uses tcp  port 8088. If another application is using that same port you may need to change the port. 


 Add the following to the $SPECROOT/influx/influxdb_spectrum.conf file:

bind-address = ""

After you add the above entry to the file, do the following:

Navigate to the $SPECROOT/bin directory and run the following command:

./cmdC <hostname> 2 INFLUX

This command will stop the influxd process. Now we want to restart it. You can do that by running the launchinstdbapp command from the $SPECROOT/bin directory:

./launchinstdbapp <hostname> INFLUX y INFLUX.OUT

The above command will restart the influxd process and you should now see the influxd running on port 9088. You can verify that by running the following command:

netstat -ano -p | grep 9088