ZDU blocked in Step 4 | Agents connected to CP Base Version
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ZDU blocked in Step 4 | Agents connected to CP Base Version


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine CA Automic One Automation


ZDU process (Zero Downtime Upgrade) transition to the Target Version has been achieved.

In Step 4 of the ZDU no Agents and no Users are seen as connected to the Base Version anymore (no entries are visible in the current version). 

When the user tries to move forward to step 5 to proceed to the verification of RunID handled by the source WP set the following error message pops up.

Translated in English, the displayed message gives:

Currently '0000000000' Users and '0000000002' Agents are still connected to the Communication Processes of the Base Version.

But the list is empty.

SQL statements on the MQSRV table for agents connected to the CPs from the base version return no entry.

No further action is possible at this point.


Release : 12.3 Component : AUTOMATION ENGINE


The problems comes from ghost entries for agents that are down or already removed which are still remaining in the ACTEX table ( listing of active Agents). They cannot be caught up by the ZDU process. 




Please make sure that no agents are visible as 'connected' to any communication process of the Base Version under Administration in AWI!!
If agents are still connected to Base Communication Processes, force the by disconnecting to a reconnecting to the Target Process set!!



To solve this problem the ACTEX table must be checked for the presence of entries related to the base communication process set. This can be achieved by the following query.

select * from ACTEX where ACTEX_BTABLE like 'MQ2%';

The like operator must point to the MQSet of the base version, which can always be different from one System to another (MQ1% or MQ2%). This may depend on previously executed ZDU operations.

Entries that are present in this table for the Base MQset shall be deleted with this statement and committed.

delete from ACTEX where ACTEX_BTABLE like 'MQ2%';

As the PWP (Primary Work Process) only reads the ACTEX table once at startup, a PWP switch must be forced to have the updated ACTEX table read again by a PWP.

Select a WP with no role assigned (neither "O" or "R") ==> Server Mode ==> Change Server Mode to PWP. Wait for the new PWP coming up in the Administration View.

Now reaching step 5 of ZDU in the System Update Section of the Administration View in AWI will be possible!