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Clarity: Custom process based on primary object Timesheet, and linked object Resource does not start or advance when meeting conditions based on Resource object attributes


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If the custom process having timesheet as primary object and resource as linked object has conditions based on resource object attributes, the process may not start or advance even when the exact conditions are met.

For example, if we have a timesheet approval process with start conditions as Timesheet status = submitted; timesheet.resource(is_external) = no; timesheet.resource(employment_type = 'xxxx') , the employment type check does not work as expected. The process would fail to start even if conditions are evaluating to true.

This issue can also cause process engine startup performance issues in environments that have many processes associated to an object or objects with many custom attributes.

Here we tried with OOTB 'employment type' attribute and a custom attribute 'employment type' (with a custom lookup). Both of them fail to check the condition and process fails to start, even though the conditions are true.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Administration > Lookups > click 'New' button
  2. Create user-defined static lookup Employment Type (Lookup ID = myEmplType) with values 'ABC' , 'IT', 'External' and 'Division'; return type is 'Text '
  3. Associate the custom lookup with custom field(Custom Employment Type) on resource object attribute, select and save 'ABC' as value of custom employment type for a resource(resource1)
  4. Administration > Processes > Create new custom process(my timesheet approval process) with Primary object as 'Timesheet' and linked object as 'Resource'
  5. Set the start conditions as : ( ( Timesheet Status = 'Submitted' ) and ( Resource (Timesheet Resource) Custom Employment Type = 'ABC' ) )
  6. Set the start step with action item : set status of timesheet to 'Approved' and the next step to be finish step. Validate and activate the process
  7. Select any timesheet for resource1 and submit it for approval

Expected Result: For step 7: The process 'my timesheet approval process' should start and approve the timesheet
Actual Result: The process does not start even when the condition is met



Component: STUDIO




Resolved in Clarity 13.1.0 Generic Patch. Reference TEC581256
Resolved in Clarity 13.2