Availability Gauge for 'Team' Type of Resource Not Matching Sum
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Availability Gauge for 'Team' Type of Resource Not Matching Sum


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When creating a 'Team' type of resource, the availability shown in the timesheet gauge does not correspond to the sum of its resources availability.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. In the Modern UX, create a new Team.
  2. Add two resources. Set one to 50% allocation and another to 100% allocation.
  3. (Classic UX) Open the Team for Time Entry, and set Track Mode to PPM.
  4. Create a new Project, and add the Team to the Staff.
  5. Go to Timesheets and open one timesheet for the Team.

Expected results: Assuming calendar of 40 hours, available hours for the team in the timesheet should be 60 (40 + 40*0.5).

Actual results: Available hours for the team are 40.


Clarity 15.8.1.


This is the current intended design for the definition of the aggregated Availability for a Team type of Resource.

Changes in this implementation should be suggested using the Enhancement Requests for Clarity PPM process.