Admin (Resource) page is not loading
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Admin (Resource) page is not loading


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Clarity PPM On Premise


When trying to go to either the Resource Properties page or Resource OBS tab on the Clarity Classic Administration side, an error is generated and the user is redirected to the app specific (individual server) URL instead of the Load balancer URL right away (so does not indicate a performance issue). Other Resource tabs such as the Group tab do not have the issue. 

The following error is then displayed on the page:

This site can’t be reached
The connection was reset.

In developer tools, the following error is shown: ERR_CONNECTION_RESET


Release : 15.8.1



If using a proxy, try disabling your proxy temporarily and see if the issue still happens. If the issue doesn't happen, work with your internal team to investigate. 

If the above doesn't help, please open a Broadcom support case with the below information. 

  1. Have you enabled session stickiness on your Load Balancer (LB)?
  2. Are you using SSO?
  3. Is a Reverse Proxy in use between the LB and Clarity?
  4. Does the issue happen if you disable your proxy? 
  5. Provide the following logs:
    • app-access.logs for the problem servers on the day the issue was reproduced
    • Reverse proxy logs (If using a reverse proxy)
    • Siteminder agent logs