CA Gen ECI handling in pipes
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CA Gen ECI handling in pipes


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CA Gen clients are using ECI to connect the web clients through IBM CICS Transaction Gateway (CTG) to CICS on mainframe.  With an increased number of concurrent users coming from web client, CTG is running out of pipes.  Does the Gen Runtimes for ECI  close the pipe after being used and are there are time parameters that are used to manage pipes?


Release : 8.5

Component : CA Gen Run Time, Internet Client


Gen does the same thing in ECI that we do for all the other transport layers in that we pool valid connections and reuse them.  So Gen is not shutting down a connection/pipe after every flow.  TCPIP is the only transport where a transient connection is possible.  Also, there isn't a timeout property in the ECI coopflow.  There are not any properties or user exits that can change this behavior.