Endevor Eclipse UI - From location incorrect when adding from a local directory
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Endevor Eclipse UI - From location incorrect when adding from a local directory


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Endevor Endevor - ECLIPSE Plugin Endevor - Enterprise Workbench


After installing SO15900  when adding a file from a local directory and the from location was set to 

ADD/UPDATE FROM DSN: {F:\Compuware\Workbench\20.3.3\workspace\EK DATA (SP...} 

Endevor Eclipse is showing the workspace, not the location where the file was added from.

(Adding from remote gives the correct location information for both PDS and USS directories.)




Release : 18.1



This is how the fix was designed, and is consistent with how the plugin works. 

When adding from local, the file is first copied to the workspace because we are working with the workspace and only afterwards is added to Endevor, so the from location is correct. The USS and PDS shows original location because it goes outside the workspace. 

The user perspective is different only because there is also USS and PDS as sources that are bypassing the workspace. These were added as a customer request even though they should not really be there. The action is meant to do create/add file to the project, and if user wants, subsequently add to the Endevor. The product team cannot simply change this as some users can have source check turned on which validates if Retrieve to location is the same as Add from location. And retrieve always works with the workspace so the above scenario would fail. Is this what you require? Because in that case, we would probably have to design differently. Maybe using quick edit feature. But it definitely will not work through project.