CA Deliver - Reuse of Pages in STACK Report Text Identification
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CA Deliver - Reuse of Pages in STACK Report Text Identification


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Can an explanation be given to provide a better understanding of the Reuse feature (Reus of Y) within stacked text?


Release : 14.0

Component : CA Deliver


Regarding using Text Identification in creating a Deliver STACK report:

. As there can be multiple criteria that can be used for a stacked report, the concept of Reuse (Reus of Y) means that a page will be reused in seeing if it can belong to more than one report, in the job, in text matching.

. Type XCL - Selects the beginning page of an exclusive segment.
. . An exclusive segment is one or more adjacent pages of unique data.
. . These pages are extracted from a single SYSOUT data set and are in a report that is not duplicated in any other report produced from that SYSOUT data set.

. With XCL, once you have committed certain pages from a sysout data set to a designated report, those pages are no longer available to be part of any other reports.

. All non-matching pages following the ones that match the exclusive criteria will be included in the defined exclusive segment.

. Type PAG - Requires all pages to contain the defined values, to be selected to belong to that report.