Primary SpectroSERVER showing wrong in OneClick Console Status view
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Primary SpectroSERVER showing wrong in OneClick Console Status view


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CA Spectrum


SpectroSERVER Fault Tolerance setup with: 

     Primary SpectroSERVER        with Precedence 5
     Secondary SpectroSERVER   with Precedence 10

Both servers are synchronized, the DB Backup works without problems.
The 'MapUpdate -view' command shows the servers with their correct Precedence.

However when connecting to the OneClick Console, the Status view shows to be connected to the Secondary server as the primary, instead of the actual Primary SpectroSERVER.

In case of a Secondary server failure this would cause OneClick to not connect to the Primary server.


Release : 10.4, 20.2, 21.2

Component : Spectrum OneClick



Check the context.xml file on the OneClick server:

and verify that the following entries are pointing to the correct servers respectively:

locServerName= <Primary MLS Hostname>
backupLocServerName= <Secondary MLS Hostname> <Local OneClick Hostname> 

In this case, the problem is with the entry for 'backupLocServerName' which was wrong - instead of the Secondary SpectroSERVER it had the name of a OneClick host.

Before doing any change, make sure to have a backup copy of the context.xml file.


Additional Information

If the locServerName parameter is incorrectly configured it can also cause a "No SpectroSERVER Available" error when trying to login.

Note: There are many possible causes for "No SpectroSERVER Available" this is just one