UIM: Modify Alarm message for Processes Probe
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UIM: Modify Alarm message for Processes Probe


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We created a new profile in the processes probe that monitors Java processes on a linux box. If there are less than 2 java processes active it sends an alert which was successfully tested. I created the alarm in infrastructure manager by creating a new profile in the processes probe. To modify the alarm message, I opened the message tab in the monitor profile, selected message pool. Right clicked again and created a new message. However I do not receive the new message I created instead I get “[App-name]: Wrong number of instances of process Java running, expected 2- found 1”.


Release : 20.3

Component : UIM - PROCESSES


There are two potential causes that an alarm message is not being used. 

  1. The alarm is not set to be the "default". 
  2. The "Default message token" is incorrect.



Out of box Infrastructure Manager generated profiles typically have a single MsgProcessInstances Message ID used for process_instances alarms. If you see many others then it is possible that this probe is being managed by MCS. 


If you want to use the Profile from IM with the new alarm defined in the Message Pool then:

  1. Open Infrastructure Manager.
  2. Navigate to the Hub -> Device with the configuration. Right click on the probe in question and select "Configure". 
  3. Select the Setup tab and click the "Message Pool" button. 
  4. Make sure that the desired Message ID has the correct "Message token". In this case: process_instances
  5. Make sure that the desired Message ID has a value "yes" in the "Default" column/field. 
  6. Make sure that other Message ID's with the same "Message token" do not have a "Default" value of yes. 
  7. Close the Message Pool dialog box/window and Click the apply button in the processes configuration window.