CDA workflow component Dynamic Property cannot submit null values.
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CDA workflow component Dynamic Property cannot submit null values.


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine CA eHealth


Is it possible to have Component Dynamic Properties have 'backup values' when they can't be evaluated?

Right now there is an error when going through the following steps:

Create component with a Dynamic Property  that references { @workflow/value_1 }.
Create a Workflow_1 with a Dynamic Property of value_1.
For some runs values may be optional.
Overrides have been set up {workflow/override/value2} since the user cannot submit nothing/null.
If nothing is submitted, the workflow errors out "Cannot Evaluate."


Release : 12.3



Currently it is not possible to set a (default) value if a Dynamic Property can not be evaluated. The value can not be evaluated because Dynamic Properties of other elements are referenced but are not defined their (e.g. @workflow/myValue).

The evaluation upfront of the execution ensures that all values (of all elements) are set on CDA side. The scope is not limited to the used Dynamic Properties for Prompt sets and/or AE-variables of the selected Application-workflow including Component-workflows and their Actions or selected Profile or selected Package.

In order to avoid such errors/warning the design of the deployment process should be reconsidered.