CA Endevor Parallel Development (PDM) CPTB168 error
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CA Endevor Parallel Development (PDM) CPTB168 error


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After building a wip file, PDM will not allow merge directly to Endevor location.

Getting msg:        CPTB168 Merge output to Endevor only allowed with Auto-merge

Is this correct?  


Release : 18.0  18.1

Component : CA Endevor Software Change Manager


Yes.  From 14.0 onwards, merge directly to Endevor is only allowed when "auto merge" is specified.

This is done to close an audit exposure.   Without auto merge, the WIP file could be updated manually before merging into Endevor, which would result in the manual changes being improperly recorded as associated to any of the derivatives. This cannot happen if auto merge is used so the option is enforced.