ENDIE420:PVPN1000 - INVALID DSN within Quick-Edit
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ENDIE420:PVPN1000 - INVALID DSN within Quick-Edit


Article ID: 205033


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Endevor Endevor Natural Integration Endevor - ECLIPSE Plugin Endevor - Enterprise Workbench


ABEND S0C3 occurs when editing of element in Endevor Quick-Edit.

Later, when issuing change inside element source code, error message "Recovery suspended-error" and "Recovery suspended" are issued.

This issue persist even if  processing command "RECOVERY ON". Quick-Edit still works ok without recovery.


Release : 18.1

Component : CA Endevor Software Change Manager


A DFSMS ACS routine is allocating the recovery dataset with extended format, DSORG PS-E.
This format is not supported, check with DFSMS administrator to remove this parameter from Dataclass or exclude this dataset allocation from this Dataclass.
Datasets can be userid.CTLInnnn.BACKUP and userid.QERCVYnn.RECOVERY.