How to remove an Endevor stage from the life cycle
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How to remove an Endevor stage from the life cycle


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Currently have an environment with the following stages: DESA and INTE and it is required to delete the stage INTE as it is no longer used. 

What are the steps and considerations to perform this removal? 

There are 600 systems in our Endevor environments, Is it possible to do this removal from not for all systems at the same time?



Release : 18.0  18.1

Component : Endevor Software Change Manager


Removal of a Stage requires updating the C1DEFLTS so it will effect all Systems at the same time.
Note:   The exit stage for an environment must *always*  be Stage 2. The entry point into the next environment can be Stage 1 or Stage 2.
Therefore, in this scenario the DESA stage must be moved from stage 1 to stage 2 of Environment. 
1)  All elements must be moved out of both stages in the Environment  - There can be absolutely no elements in either stage 
If  everything is moved out of Environment, it will result in Element Catalog corruption issues and Footprint problems. 
2) After all elements have been moved out of the Environment:
2.1)  Back up Endevor
2.2)  update the C1DEFLTS to change the ENTRYSTG# for the Environment from 1 to 2.
2.3)  update the C1DEFLTS to change the Stage information:
Stage 1 Name............DESA  
Stage 1 Title...........DESARROLLO DE SISTEM 
Stage 1 Dataset.........ENDVBD.DESA.MCF
Stage 2 Name............INTE  
Stage 2 Title...........INTEGRACION - SIT    
Stage 2 Dataset.........ENDVBD.INTER.MCF
Stage 2 Name and Title becomes DESA and DESARROLLO DE SISTEM.  Plus change the name of the MCF dataset to ENDVBD.DESA.MCF.
Then give Stage 1 a new name, Title and MCF file or just use the INTE stage info.  Most people like to identify that it is an unused stage just like  -
Stage 1 Name............NULL               
Stage 1 Title...........STAGE INACTIVO - NO
Stage 1 Dataset.........ENDVBD.NULL.MCF    
4)  Reassemble and link the C1DEFLTS and start using the new configuration.