Performance Management r20.2.5 Global Search returns only the Device, no interfaces
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Performance Management r20.2.5 Global Search returns only the Device, no interfaces


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This is easy to reproduce with DX NetOps Performance Management r20.2.5.

Open the Global Search and type in a Device Name. None of the interfaces will be displayed.  This might be working as designed because a search for eth0 returns thousands of interfaces, though I can't see how useful that would be.

If we change the scope to all then it works as expected.


DX NetOps Performance Management release r20.2.5 and newer


New feature introduced in r20.2.5


In releases r20.2.4 and earlier the default Scope for the Global Search in the Performance Center web UI was to use 'All'. This performs a search for ALL fields for ALL item types. It's a substring match that can be slow for larger result sets.

As part of a search for efficiency improvements a Scope choice was added for the Global Search in r20.2.5. It adds a new option to set the Scope of the Search. The options available to choose from are:

  • Scope: Names
    • Searches all Device and Interface item Name values.
    • Current default Global Search option.
    • Search term must be part of Device and/or Interface Name values or they will not be returned in the Search Results.
  • Scope: All
    • Searches all fields for all item types using a substring match.
    • Previous default Global Search option when no choice was available

To use the Global Search in the scope that returns all items set it to 'Scope: All'.

Once logged in, the Global Search will retain the Scope option selected. Can also close and relaunch the UI in a browser and if not presented with log in the chosen Scope should remain.

Logging out of the UI and back in will reset the Global Search Scope back to the current default 'Scope: Name'.

Additional Information

Search and Filter in CA Performance Management

Defect DE487299 has resolved this in the r20.2.8 DX NetOps Performance Management release. Upgrade to that release or a newer one if available for a permanent fix.