UIM Hub - Unable to create Queues after migration
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UIM Hub - Unable to create Queues after migration


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Following the below technical document after migrating two UIM Hubs we are unable to create Queues to send data. 

Moving hubs or robots to a different UIM domain


Component : UIM - HUB


Firstly, please be aware GET and ATTACH queues are not supported for cross uim domains. If you wish to send data via queues from one uim domain to another then you must use POST type queues. 

Here is documentation for uim POST queues:

Create Hub-to-Hub Queues - https://techdocs.broadcom.com/us/en/ca-enterprise-software/it-operations-management/ca-unified-infrastructure-management-probes/GA/alphabetical-probe-articles/hub/hub-im-configuration.html#concept.dita_e82c3202a993345a4a4017943cc3b181d97844f2_CreateHubtoHubQueuesSettingupQueues

A post queue sends a stream of messages that are based on subject directly to a destination hub.
The subject of an attach or a post queue determines which messages are directed to a queue:
The wildcard (*) subject collects all messages in one queue
Queues can collect messages for more than one subject. Add subjects by separating them with commas, for example, alarms, alarms2.

Also the following KB contains more information, Nimsoft Options for Routing Messages

What steps to take if the hubs are now both in the SAME uim domain:

This could be an issue caused by incorrect routing within the hub.sds file of the primary hub server. The hub.sds contains routing used by the the hub to hub communication, this includes static routes, tunnels and queues. If the hub.sds contains the old or incorrect domain information this could be the root cause. 

1. Deactivate the primary hub server (stopping the nimsoft service). 
2. Access the primary hub system and go to the hub folder. 
3. Rename the hub.sds file to hub.OLD. 
4. Reactivate the primary hub server (starting the nimsoft service). 

When the service is back up ALL hubs and robots will most likely be missing from IM, this is expected. The hub will send a series of broadcasts to rebuild the hub.sds information and as this sds file is rebuilt, hubs and robots will start to reappear in IM. Once the hubs are visible, you can test the queue configuration again.