Generate URL Preview button generates error in Performance Center
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Generate URL Preview button generates error in Performance Center


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When a user uses the Generate URL option on Views in DX NetOps Performance Management if the Preview button is selected the new browser tab for the View Preview shows an error.

The View, and the Dashboard it resides on, were created by a different user.

The error does not display when the same View is displayed in the Dashboard.

The error states "You no longer have access to this Permission Group".

An example of the error in the Performance Center web UI is:


All supported DX NetOps Performance Management releases


The Dashboard the affected Dynamic Trend Views affected exists in was created while the Dashboard Context was set to the creating users 'My Assigned Groups' Group. Later the View was locked to a different Group, one the user seeing the error does have permission to.

For the Dynamic Trend Views, when the view token is created by a different user than the dashboard creator, and someone uses the View URL, it will use the view token creator's ID and check if they have access to the GroupID group context.

They don't in this case as the My Assigned Groups Group is only visible to the dashboard creator, a different user.


This has been resolved via defect DE487782 and is fixed in the r20.2.8 release. Upgrade to that release or a newer one if available for a permanent fix.

There are a few ways to work around the issue until a change is made in a future release.

One possible workaround is to recreate the Dashboard in a new Dashboard using a Group Context when creating the new copy that is applicable to users that need to access the Dashboard.

Another possible solution would require manual database intervention via engineering input. Please open a Support Case for this issue, referencing this Knowledge Base article, for input.