CA View - SARGRW Report Contains Reports Only Up to a Particular Date
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CA View - SARGRW Report Contains Reports Only Up to a Particular Date


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Reported was a run of View's SARGRW that showed reports only up to a particular date, though more were expected.

Why did SARGRW not retrieve anything after that particular date?


Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


The reason for the SARGRW report not showing any reports since a particular date is because that is when the client upgraded from View 12.2 to View 14.0, where the SARINIT parameter JOBMODE was initialized to NO (JOBMODE=NO, the default).

With their start of use of View 14.0, no Job index records were generated, so the only Job index records that existed were the ones up through their use of View 12.2.

When JOBMODE was first created, as an enhancement in View 12.2, it was as if JOBMODE=YES was set, but there was no actual SARINIT JOBMODE parameter to have it as an option.

View 14.0 started this same way, as though there was JOBMODE=YES used.

However, it was found that a View index could fill prematurely, as JOB mode was adding many records to the index, for each report.

With that, it was found that there needed to be a way to provide control of the use of JOB mode, if desired.
This was accomplished, with View 14.0 PTF RO95789, where SARINIT parameter JOBMODE=NO|YES was introduced.

With having that PTF on, there is the need to set SARINIT JOBMODE=YES, for JOB index records to be created.