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Opsinfo question


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


I've noticed a change when running a rexx script containing opsinfo and calling that rexx from a rule. The change is that the rexx no longer works, it either returns an error code or the address space fails.

I'll attach the rule and rexx script to this case.


Release : 13.5

Component : OPS/MVS


You are just missing the OI when calling the REXX.

You have

address "OSF" "gbtestdd"

It should be

address "OSF" "OI gbtestdd"

The OI indicates the REXX being called is an OPS/REXX instead of a TSO/REXX.

Please refer to the section on the OPSINFO function:

OPSINFO Function

Check the section "Supported Coding Environments"

It says you can call OPSINFO from rules and OPS/REXX programs, no support to TSO/REXX programs

In summary:

address "OSF" "gbtestdd" <-- calls a REXX as a TSO/REXX program

address "OSF" "OI gbtestdd" <-- calls a REXX as an OPS/REXX program