Back out SO12221
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Back out SO12221


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The back out process documented for SO12221 indicates to restore the entire $AUTOSYS directory and the entire $AUTOUSER directory.

Is that necessary?  The implementation of SO12221 created the standard *bak* backup directories of:






Can I just restore those 5 directories and then continue with the rest of the back out steps?


Release : 11.3.6

Component : CA Workload Automation AE (AutoSys)


1. Locate the previously backed up SP8 version of $AUTOSYS/dbobj directory.
One way is to use the $AUTOSYS/update_history.log file to locate the previously backed up SP8 version of $AUTOSYS/dbobj. When you ran the patch installation script to install one or more patches, it created a backup of the directories using a Date and Time value. For example, before patching the $AUTOSYS/dbobj location, the patch installation script backed up the original binaries to location $AUTOSYS/dbobj_bak_DATETIME. By backtracking through the installed patch entries in the $AUTOSYS/update_history.log file, you should be able to locate the Date and Time value associated with the name of the SP8 version of the $AUTOSYS/dbobj directory.

2. After navigating to the SP8 version of the $AUTOSYS/dbobj_bak_DATETIME directory, create a backup of the $AUTOSYS/dbobj_bak_DATETIME/rdo_upgrade.adb file.

3. Open the $AUTOSYS/dbobj_bak_DATETIME/rdo_upgrade.adb file and locate the following entry:
// Fix ujo_sched_info table

command,update_11.'INSERT INTO ujo_sched_info_temp (joid, job_ver, over_num, alarm_if_terminated) ' +
'SELECT joid, job_ver, over_num, alarm_if_terminated FROM ujo_sched_info'


command,update_11.'UPDATE ujo_sched_info SET alarm_if_terminated=( ' +
'SELECT t.alarm_if_terminated FROM ujo_sched_info_temp t ' +

'WHERE t.joid=ujo_sched_info.joid AND t.job_ver=ujo_sched_info.job_ver AND t.over_num=ujo_sched_info.over_num)'

4. Carefully delete just the above entry in its entirety and save the file. These are the lines responsible for resetting the alarm_if_terminated column. Perform any necessary verifications (diffs against the backed up file) to ensure that the proper lines are deleted.

5. Repeat steps 1-4, on all remaining machines with an SP8 installation.

6. Once the rdo_upgrade.adb file has been modified on all installed instances, you may proceed with the backout procedure.