UIM - Apply UIM 20.3.1 OC Patch over a multiple OC configuration
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UIM - Apply UIM 20.3.1 OC Patch over a multiple OC configuration


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


In 20.3.1 OC Patch documentation located here 


Specifically in the High-Level Upgrade/Deployment Process, the instructions for applying the patch to a multiple OC environment the following steps are mentioned:


6- If your environment contains multiple OC instances, execute Step 3b and Step 4 on the secondary OC robots. Additionally, deploy the ump_slm 20.31 package to the secondary OC robots. The ump_slm 20.31 package is available in the local archive.


Which would be the below steps:


3b. Deactivate the wasp probe on the OC robot, deploy the mon_config_service_ws 20.31 package to the OC robot, and activate wasp. This step is required if you are using the MCS web services.


  1. Deploy the uimapi 20.31 package to the OC robot.


 If only this is followed, this leaves the additional OC wasp with version 20.3.

Additionally, there are a few other packages that are updated on the primary OC with the installer but they would still be at the previous version on node 2 If only following the instructions reported.


What are the correct steps to apply the 20.3.1 patch in a multiple OC configuration? 


Release : OC 20.3.1

Component : UIM Upgrade


Documentation clarification: 


The below are the exact steps to follow to apply the 20.3.1 patch to multiple Operator Consoles:


1. Upgrade the primary OC using the 20.3.1.

2. To the Secondary OC, now deploy the probes given in the below doc, step 2. (Use the latest version of these probes available and matching the 20.3.1 released versions)  



3. The steps mentioned in the 20.3.1 docs mentioned in the description of this KB are optional for the secondary OC.

The steps are required to have an exact mirror of the primary OC on the Second OC, in that case, also deploy the probes mentioned in the steps in the doc:

https://techdocs.broadcom.com/us/en/ca-enterprise-software/it-operations-management/unified-infrastructure-management/20-3/release-notes/UIM-20_3_1.html ,

steps 3a,b, 4 to secondary OC as well. 

Additional Information

For Upgrading OC to UIM 20.3.3 and above the method has changed. 

UIM 20.3.3 --> OC--> Configure Multiple OC Servers (broadcom.com)


For 20.3.3
Launch the OC installer on the primary hub and navigate to the Select Robot dialog.
Specify the IP address of the required robot, where you want to install the OC, in the Specify IP field. This robot must be reporting to the primary hub. Alternatively, you can also use the Choose option to select the robot that you deployed for your OC installation