SYSVIEW: EBCDIC codepage setting in SYSVIEW
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SYSVIEW: EBCDIC codepage setting in SYSVIEW


Article ID: 204721


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


Some job outputs are encoded using EBCDIC-1047 (Open Systems EBCDIC).

The square brackets are displayed as dots ('.').

Is there a way for SYSVIEW to display them correctly?


SYSVIEW 15.0 & 16.0 - z/OS supported releases - 


The translate tables are the key to this issue. However, before using a USERMOD to create a custom table, the ones provided can be checked. 

Issuing the command "TRTABLES; SEL TABLENAME EQ XLATEDISPLAY" will bring up the available tables  and a 'C' line command can be used to view them.

Most likely, the ALTERNATE table can be set using the command "SET XLATE ALTERNATE".
The hex codes of the brackets in the job output (in codepage 1047), should be x'AD' and x'BD'. 

ALTERNATE, USER2, XALTERNATE, and XSTANDARD should all display those hex codes as brackets.

Issuing "F LLA,REFRESH" and exit SYSVIEW take these changes into effect.

Now the square brackets are being display correctly.