Performance Center silent installation fails due to MySql password problems
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Performance Center silent installation fails due to MySql password problems


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After installing using the silent method Performance Center services fail to start.

MySql won't recognize the password specified when creating the file.

The file is missing values for the DB_PASSWORD_VARIABLE and DB_PASSWORD_CONFIRM entries.


All supported DX NetOps Performance Management releases


Running the silent installation without editing the file to add the MySql password in the DB_PASSWORD_VARIABLE and DB_PASSWORD_CONFIRM entries.


After generating the file for a silent Performance Center installation, review the file to validate all entries contain the correct values for a successful installation.

The DB_PASSWORD_VARIABLE and DB_PASSWORD_CONFIRM entries in the file must be manually entered if not written to the file during it's creation.

When entering the passwords enter them as-is without surrounding single or double quotes. For example if the password is PerformanceCenter20! the entries in would look like:

  • DB_PASSWORD_VARIABLE=PerformanceCenter20!
  • DB_PASSWORD_CONFIRM=PerformanceCenter20!

NOTE: If the password must contain the equal (=) sign special character it will need to be escaped using a "\" symbol. In this case if using PerformanceCenter20= it would appear as:

  • DB_PASSWORD_VARIABLE=PerformanceCenter20\=
  • DB_PASSWORD_CONFIRM=PerformanceCenter20\=

Additional Information

Beware of bad MySql path entries in the file when using the Performance Center silent installation method. This is a known issue documented in Knowledge Base article ID 202168 titled Dx NetOps 20.2.2 Fails To Install with Install Response File.