EBCDIC to ASCII File Conversion not finding records using normalized copybook
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EBCDIC to ASCII File Conversion not finding records using normalized copybook


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


we have an EBCDIC file that we are only getting the header record.
I am sending all the information and the data files.
I haven't tried just taking the original copybook and running it through file definition manager.
There is a double redefines in this copybook.
I don't know if the person that moved this file off the z/OS used the proper download ftp quote and mode parameters.

File Structure

   Organization  . . . : PS      

   Record format . . . : VB      

   Record length . . . : 704     

   Block size  . . . . : 27998


TDM 4.9.x
CA Test Data Manager


This knowledge base article deals with the proper method to download an EBCDIC data file before the file is converted via the TDM File Conversion Utilities.


The issue being reported by the client had to do with the downloaded file having an additional 4 bytes of padding at the beginning of the file.
This happens with Variable Block (VB) files and trying to use another download method other than FTP/SFTP without defining the record length
and correct block size that the sequential variable block file has been defined with.
These values are very important to have available, and they need to be included during the download process.

The TDM File Conversion Utilities including a getFTP.cmd command file that will allow you to download the given binary data file with the correct record length and blocksize.

For example in the getFTP.cmd file, you would set the following parameters:

echo quote site filetype=seq recfm=vb lrecl=704 BLKSIZE=27988 rdw >> ftpcmd.dat

That will allow you to download the EBCDIC binary file correctly, especially for variable block size files.


After you have accomplished that, you will need to make sure that the TDM File Definition Manager is provided with the correct copybook with all the records that make up said copybook.
Please do not try to remove any redefines in the copybooks, FDM will take care of the handling of said redefines.

The “CA-TDM-MF-Best-Practices-GuideV1.5.pdf” will provide you with necessary best practices in how to handle a Cobol copybook correctly in FDM.

Additional Information

Test Data Manager - Enterprise Software (broadcom.com)


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