Performance Center Failures: CDD ALM Run Adaptive Testing
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Performance Center Failures: CDD ALM Run Adaptive Testing


Article ID: 204622


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Continuous Delivery Director SAAS


ALM Plugin is failing - there's no indication why.  The tests do not seem to be executing on the ALM side.  



Release : SAAS

Component : CDD ALM Plugin


Updates in the QC/ALM environment may impact the ability to use the HPToolsLauncher.exe from executing the tests from the ALM Plugin host. 



Download/Install TDConnect.exe from your QC/ALM Server: http://<qc_alm_servername>/qcbin/Plugins/TDConnectivity/TDConnect.exe

Then run the ALM task again. 

Additional Information

If the above does not work then you can manually run the test to check what kind of error is being received. To do this, run the following on the CDD ALM Plugin server:

  1. while($true)
    Copy-Item "<path to apache-tomcat>\temp\.alm-executions" -Destination C:\temp\alm -Recurse -Force
    # This copies the <folder>/ file used by the CDD ALM task to the C:\temp\alm folder.
  2. Run the ALM task from CDD.
  3. Manually execute the HPToolsLauncher.exe command - pointing to the file recently created while running the ALM task from CDD - copied to the destination folder specified in step #1. Example command: "<path to apache-tomcat>\webapps\cdd-alm-plugin\WEB-INF\classes\bin\HpToolsLauncher.exe" -paramfile "C:\temp\alm\.alm-executions\d9ea85b9-568d-4acc-ae1b-213c8958715a\" 

Observe any errors that may occur.

The problem/solution referenced above was returning the following error when trying to manually execute the command:

Timeout is set to: 60000
Run mode is set to: RUN_REMOTE
The OTA version is not compatible with the current version of the Application Lifecycle Management server: http://<qc_alm_servername>/qcbin/wcomsrv.dll.
OTA version: 12.21, OTA build number: 4598. Server version: 12.21, server build number: 4389.
Error: Cannot Login to QC: Authorization failed.