Hrefresh server migration
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Hrefresh server migration


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We are in the process of migrating Hrefresh server from 2008 to 2012. 


I will be updating the Hrefresh.cfg file on SCM Workbench on a project below, so the Hrefresh for the project itself is listed in the Hrefresh.cfg file. Do you suggest to not to make the server configuration changes to the project that checks in the Hrefresh.cfg file to the server? As hrefresh is going to run when I checkin the file. How can I go about this?


#-- SV HarvestAdminFiles

# Serve\\svuent\fs\us\Applications\SCM\HRef sdepaps328,5500,scmp


SV HarvestAdminFiles,REVIEW,Check Out for Browse,\SV HarvestAdminFiles,\\svuent\fs\us\Applications\SCM\HRef\SV HarvestAdminFiles\REVIEW,Full,sdepaps328,5500,harvest.dfo,winagent.dfo

SV HarvestAdminFiles,INSTALLED,Check Out for Browse,\SV HarvestAdminFiles,\\svuent\fs\us\Applications\SCM\HRef\SV HarvestAdminFiles\INSTALLED,Full,sdepaps328,5500,harvest.dfo,winagent.dfo

SV HarvestAdminFiles,INSTALLED,Check Out for Browse,\SV HarvestAdminFiles\HRefresh,/opt/apps/ca/scm/hrefresh,ACTIVE,scmp,5501,harvest.dfo,unixagent.dfo


my query is what is going to happen - if I’m going to update new hrefresh server and checkin the Hrefresh.cfg file for SV HarvestAdminFiles project (used to update Hrefresh.cfg) . Will the hrefresh run on new server or old server. How will the hrefresh/update take place? End goal is to have the new refresh sever for the below project which we use to update Hrefresh.cfg file.


Please let me know if we can meet for the same.


Release : 12.6

Component : CA Harvest Software Change Manager


I've got an hrefresh.cfg file that controls deployment of code from projects to other servers.

I've got an "administrative" project in Harvest to track the changes to my hrefresh.cfg file as well as other argument files, form definition files, scripts, etc.

My hrefresh.cfg file contains lines for this administrative project so that any changes that get checked in and promoted are copied to this broker machine as well as my other Harvest broker machines.

My Harvest-related servers are being upgraded and I need to update my hrefresh.cfg file accordingly.  However when I do this and promote the package, hrefresh executes and tries to deploy the updated hrefresh.cfg file to my old Harvest servers.


When I update my hrefresh.cfg file I'm checking it out using Workbench to my client machine, opening the file in Notepad, making the changes and checking back in.  The problem with this method is that Hrefresh will use the instructions in the copy of the hrefresh.cfg file found on the broker machine (which has not yet been updated) and that's why it's trying to deploy to the old Harvest Server machines.

The best solution would be to checkout the hrefresh.cfg file to the broker machine, update it there, and check it back in.  

Another possible solution would be to check out the hrefresh.cfg file for browse to the broker machine before promoting the package.