Slow Provisioning Role Query
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Slow Provisioning Role Query


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CA Identity Manager CA Identity Governance CA Identity Portal CA Identity Suite


1. When trying to use task Create User and click over "Provisioning Roles"  tab this is very slow.

2. Task View Provisioning Role also take some time to bring the information



Release : 14.2

Component : IdentityMinder(Identity Manager)


With a huge number of Provisioning Roles (like 50K Provisioning Roles) some tasks involving these objects can slow down to bring everything.


To improve some modifications on these tasks can be done:

1) To task modify user having slow performance in tab " Provisioning roles" changed this following settings in tabs of task modify user

Checked (X) Hide the Admins column
Unchecked () Manage administrators
Changed the list field from "Default Provisioning Role List" to "Custom Provisioning Role List" (Created before a Custom Provisioning Role List)

2) For Task View Provisioning Role slow resolved after changed the screen (disabled "Single expression search" removed some fields to show in search results and their default sort order")