AXA - Jarvis rollover "Error during rollover execution" nullPointerException
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AXA - Jarvis rollover "Error during rollover execution" nullPointerException


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The Jarvis rollover is having problems and the jarvis-es-utils-rollover service is not running anymore. In the logs (jarvis-es-utils-Rollover.log) there is the error "Error during rollover execution":



AXA 17.3.2 onPremise multi-node


Considering that index rollover is a cron job, it is expected that even if the job fails, it should trigger automatically at the next defined interval. The fact that it is not doing so makes suspect there is an issue with the cron service availability or some disconnection between cron and jarvis_es_utils.

The index rollover requires Kron, jarvis_es_utils and Elasticsearch to be available. Since Elasticsearch is stabilized and and the jarvis_es_utils service has been restarted, the root cause points to an issue in cron which is why it is not being triggered. 


This issue can be addressed to restarting the Cron service and once it is up and running, restart es-utils service and check if the problem persists.

To restart the es-utils service, please go to "AXA_Home/../bin/jarvis" directory and run the script ./