Unknown Error in Matuner
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Unknown Error in Matuner


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Mainframe Application Tuner


The user is getting CLIST/REXX error messages when he tries to Analyze a monitor. Also 'TUNDESC Open failed' message in the "Administration" option of main menu. I do not find any TUNDESC entry neither in the manual nor in the knowledge base. I do no see any abnormal messages in syslog nor in matuner started task log. I will attach the User sent screenshots into the case. Please assist.


Release : 12.0



Today I finally got hold of user to see what actually he is locally doing . I got him in the call, and as you said I wanted to see the other error messages what he would get if he press F1.

But the very first step he took to call Matuner was a strange one where he executed a clist called "MT". I never used this clist in this account in the last couple of years. When I looked into this clist, I learned it was set up some 6 years back and using older version of GIF file. I suggested him to use the actual clist of production and it worked just fine for him !!

It so happened that, Its a local issue and seemed like a false alarm.