How to debug Operator Console page slowness using Jasperserver debug logging option
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How to debug Operator Console page slowness using Jasperserver debug logging option


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM) Unified Infrastructure Management for Mainframe CA Unified Infrastructure Management SaaS (Nimsoft / UIM)


In the case where the Operator Console CABI Home page and/or other pages are loading slowly, here are instructions for enabling debug for the JasperServer to expose the backend SQL queries when the pages are trying to load.


- UIM 9.20 or higher


As a privileged user, browse to the web page http://<hostname>:8080/cabijs/log_settings.html

Login to cabi, and go to Manage Server Settings > Log settings and change the ‘SQL query executor’ setting to DEBUG as shown below and then reproduce the slowness, for example by accessing the Home page via a fresh web page before anything is cached:

The resultant debug log file will be stored down path such as:


Additional Information

If you don't see any debug information in the jaspersoft.log, please refer to this article:

CABI (Jaspersoft) debug option for logging is not working

Alternatively, if you need to set it manually:

Depending on the version of JasperServer you are using, you should find this already appears in

### JasperReports loggers

Uncomment it and you should be get what you need in the log.

Please note that this approach requires restarting the JasperReports Server.

To enable timings for the query/queries in the jasperserver.log, please refer to:

Configuring System Logs

As per the instructions for configuring the logs, check the page.

You can add the logger name to generate the query timings so you can see which query/queries is taking the longest or for instance simply longer, e.g., greater than a few seconds.

Timing for SQL queries run for reports-> JsControlledJdbcQueryExecuter

- Logs the time it takes a query run by the SQL query executer to return data to a report.