Agile Central Sync Job Completes without updating any Projects
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Agile Central Sync Job Completes without updating any Projects


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If the Rally Synchronize job is run in scheduled mode, it completes within seconds but no projects are updated. The job normally takes 15-25 minutes to complete. 


Release : 15.7.1, 15.8, 15.8.1, 15.9



This can be due to the Agile addin content item Agile Central Synchronization needing to be upgraded. 


Upgrade the Agile Central Synchronization and ProjectSync Date Window components for the Agile Addin. See steps below.

Note: The below steps may cause the currently scheduled sync job to be cancelled, so the job may need to be rescheduled. If you are using Unix crontab as part of your job scheduling, you may want to copy the crontab information into something such as notepad prior to going through the steps below.

  1. In Clarity, go to Administration->Studio->Content Add-Ins->Agile Addin
  2. Filter on Status of Upgrade Ready 
  3. If the below items are in Upgrade Ready Status, check the check box next to them and click Install
    • Agile Central Synchronization (Type = Job)
    • ProjectSync Date Window (Type = Lookup)

Important: Do not install Views if they are in upgrade ready status without first testing out impact in non production, as this will overwrite customizations.

     4. Go to Home->Reports and Jobs and check the status of your previously scheduled Agile Sync job.

     5. If the job is in cancelled status, create a new scheduled reoccurrence of the job

Workaround: Run the job in immediate mode until the steps above are able to be completed. You may need to run the immediate job more than once for a successful run. 

Additional Information

See also Review Cancelled Jobs After Upgrade

See Agile Sync job fails with Error "Skipping project due to incorrect integration type set"  - There are two additional agile content items recommended to be upgraded if in Upgrade Ready status