Error importing mysql data dump from gateway 9.0
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Error importing mysql data dump from gateway 9.0


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After exporting data from 9.0 gateway using the following command:

mysqldump ssg --routines > /home/ssgconfig/ssgdev.sql     

While trying to import the data into the 10.0 gateway database, we are getting the below error a couple of times. 

mysql ssg < /home/ssgconfig/ssgdev.sql

ERROR 1227 (42000): Access denied; you need (at least one of) the SUPER or SET_USER_ID privilege(s) for this operation

All the other data get imported without errors.


Release : 10.0

Component : API GATEWAY


On mysql 8.0 the user used to import the data need to have SUPER privileges which you can grant with :

UPDATE mysql.user SET Super_Priv='Y' WHERE user='user1' AND host='%';

This does not work on AWS RDS as there is no option to assign Super privileges on AWS RDS.

As a workaround, you can remove the definer statements from the database dump before importing the data.