Ringtraces caused by U00003517 UCUDB: Invalid DB-STMT IND: '0' at OPC: 'CLST'
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Ringtraces caused by U00003517 UCUDB: Invalid DB-STMT IND: '0' at OPC: 'CLST'


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Ringtraces occurring often 

20201116/120230.012 - U00015006 System forced memory trace dump.
20201116/120230.012 - U00003631 Dump caused by:
20201116/120230.012 - U00003517 UCUDB: Invalid DB-STMT IND: '0' at OPC: 'CLST'
20201116/120230.012 - U00011801 Error in Server routine 'JPEXEC_R', Server: 'AUTOMIC#WP019' AE system: 'AUTOMIC'.


Release : 12.3



We can see this error in the trace (TCP=2 and Database=4)

20201118/110257.273 - UCUDB32 CLST RET 0000 HSTMT: 0x0000000a40eb30 VALUE: (nil) ALL: 0.00009 DB: 0.00000 ODBC: 0.00002 UDB: 0.00007
20201118/110257.273 - STRT UCUACL OPC: 0212 user-idnr=0001086719 client=0100 srv-acl-funktion=000000000000000004 uacl-cnt=0000003061 usrg-cnt=0000019214 hacl-cnt=0000001123 oacl-cnt=0000000018
20201118/110257.273 - EXIT UCUACL RET: 0000000009 TIME: 0000,00005 RETTEXT='AGENTNAME' privileg=314885530818453536'
20201118/110257.273 - U00005009 AgentGroup 'AGENTGROUPNAME': invalid client access rights for the host 'AGENTNAME'.

After fixing the invalid client access rights the ring traces stopped.


This behavior is due to a bug of the Automation Engine.


Workaround : 

If AGENTGROUP is defined in client different than CLIENT 0, agents that are not assigned to that client should also be removed from AGENTGROUP.


An error has been fixed where the AGENTGROUP calculation forced a memory trace when the AGENT defined in the AGENTGROUP was not assigned to the client.

This bug has been fixed in

AE 12.3.7 -- Available

AE 21.0.0 -- Available