ESF170  Connect:Direct Interface Initialized
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ESF170  Connect:Direct Interface Initialized


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We have a system running running CASPOOL and Connect:Direct.  We have no C:D printers defined but when CASPOOL initializes we get this message.  

ESF170  Connect:Direct Interface Initialized, Max session count -   1  

C:D is in the LNKLST.  Does CASPOOL search for a specific C:D module in order to initialize the interface?  I could not find any parms in the initialization parmlib.   





Release : 12.0 14.0

Component : CA Spool


When CA Spool starts, it tries to establish an API environment and checks the release level if the Connect:Direct load library is present either in the STEPLIB DD of the CA Spool task or in LNKLST.


If you do not have any Connect:Direct nodes defined to CA Spool, you can just ignore the message as it is not a charged option and if CA Spool does not find the interface modules it continues initialization normally. 

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