DB error while updating the password
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DB error while updating the password


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We're running a Policy Server and when this one tries to update a user
password in the ODBC Oracle User Directory, the User Directory returns
error :

  [10278/140280258844416][Mon Nov 30 2020 06:48:44][SmDsOdbcProvider.cpp:2355]
  [ERROR][sm-Odbc-00170] Database Error executing query ( 'Call Password_Update
  ****,myuser'). Error: Internal Error: Database error. Code is -4007 
  (DBMSG: <<<State = HY000 Internal Code = -6 - s>>>) .

How can we fixt this ?




Policy Server 12.8SP3 on RedHat 6




The issue looks like with the package on application side. SiteMinder
DB error has been resolved after our DB team re-run a specific package
which is responsible for password update on the DB side.