AWI: option "save active tabs" is missing in 12.3
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AWI: option "save active tabs" is missing in 12.3


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Up to AWI version 12.1.x (including all previous Java-UI versions) it was possible to save active tabs and other window settings, like sort order of colums or hierarchical/list view in process monitoring. This option disappeared with v12.3.

I know that the way how AWI nowadays uses tabs has changed so it might no longer be important. But how do we save the window settings?

What is the workaround for the missing option?



Release : 12.3



Yes, the save active tab is gone with 12.3 version Since there are no virtual tabs anymore.

The new AWI comes with a lot of new features. So there is no direct one to one comparison with the old version. The new design can make use of all the features available in the browser

New Navigation Paradigm

Navigate back and forth using the back button
Open perspectives, objects, views and tables in new browser tabs and in new browser windows,
Detach browser tabs to arrange them side-by-side on your screen,
Access the navigation history by right-clicking the browser back button,
Open the links in success dialogs in dedicated browser tabs
Copy the URL of your view and share it with other users
Drag and drop objects across views and windows, and to external programs,

If the old feature are required we may need open a enhancement request.