'Starred' Feature causes performance issues setting a Display Condition or in creating Tasks
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'Starred' Feature causes performance issues setting a Display Condition or in creating Tasks


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


In Task Object -> Subpage -> Display condition Builder, when choosing Project object -> Investment Class, the page cannot be saved.

For upgraded systems, the Task creation page loads fine but saving a new task takes a long time and the page does not show the newly created task.  


  1. Identify a system upgraded to 15.9 from a previous version
  2. Navigate to Objects - Task
  3. Under Views - Edit Layout (task Properties)
  4. Create a new Subpage
  5. Click on Properties and Layout of the subpage
  6. Click on Define Display Condition
  7. Under Object, select Project (master Object)
  8. Fields  - Investment Class
  9. Operator =
  10. Chose any value for Investment Class under Constant
  11. Click Add
  12. Now Click Save  

Expected: The Display Condition is saved. 

Actual: The page keeps loading and the display condition never saves. 


Release : 15.9



This is due to DE58794. This is caused by the introduction of the new 'Starred' feature in modern UX


This issue is fixed in 15.9 patch 1 and 15.9.1.

Note: In 15.9 patch 1, the 'Starred' Feature has been temporarily toggled off. However, on 15.9 Patch 1 the 'Starred' Feature can be enabled by following the below steps 

  1. Stop all the Clarity services 
  2. Navigate to Clarity_home\bin folder and execute the below using command prompt
    • admin toggle-feature STARRED_ENABLED_F13956 1
  3. Start all the clarity services 

SaaS Customers: The 'Starred' Feature was also temporarily toggled off in the emergency maintenance Patch on 15.9.0. (SaaS Pre-Patch #1 on top of 15.9.0) in SaaS. If you want to enable the feature, please raise a support case with Broadcom Support. (See New Starred field is missing in 15.9 since the Emergency Maintenance (pre-patch 1)