Upgrade steps from 12.52 SP1 Siteminder Release to 12.8.x
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Upgrade steps from 12.52 SP1 Siteminder Release to 12.8.x


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We're planning the upgrade of our Siteminder environment and we'd like to know the steps needed to upgrade from 12.52SP1 to 12.8x. Could
you precise us if an upgrade of middle version is needed ?



At first glance, according to documentation, you can generally upgrade
directly without going to a middle version :


    You can upgrade from Release 12.5x or later to Release 12.8.x using
    one of the following upgrade methods:

    In-place upgrade
    Rolling upgrade
    Parallel upgrade


Depending the upgrade method you choose, then some constraints apply like the OS version you'll choose, as 12.52SP1 components (SPS, Policy Server, AdminUI) are 32 bit, and the 12.8SP4 versions are 64 bit, as
mention in the documentation here :

  Complete the Upgrade Prerequisites

    Determine the Upgrade Path

      Review the following consideration: The 12.8.x Policy Server is a
      64-bit executable and requires Windows Server 2012 R2. You cannot
      perform an in-place upgrade of 12.52 SP2 Policy Server that is
      insalled in the Program Files (x86) directory. The 12.8.x Policy
      Server is a 64-bit application and only 32-bit applications belong in
      this directory. If you are upgrading from a release earlier than 12.52
      SP2 or if your 12.52 SP2 Policy Server is installed under the Program
      Files (x86) directory, install a new Policy Server on Windows Server
      2012 R2.


Then, once you've reviewed the support matrix for each of the components, you'll need to read carefully the corresponding documentation sections depending the upgrade method you choose :

  In-place Upgrade

  Rolling Upgrade

  Parallel Upgrade

Before applying the upgrade process, the most important thing is to insure that the 12.52SP1 Policy Store data are 100% accurate and healthy. This check can be done by following this documentation section :

  Correct Integrity Errors of Policy Store

    SiteMinder features strict policy store validation checks that prevent
    you from upgrading older policy stores with integrity errors. Before
    you upgrade, correct the integrity errors of your existing policy

    The following graphic shows the process for correcting policy store
    integrity errors:

    Correct Policy Store Integrity Errors Before Upgrade