CA BUNDL - Compatibility with z15 Hardware
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CA BUNDL - Compatibility with z15 Hardware


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At the link:

 it appears that Bundl 5.0 is the latest release and that it is compatible with z/OS 2.4.

Please let me know the following:

 1 - Is it compatible with z15 equipment?

 2 - Are there any PTFs to apply for compatibility with z/OS 2.4 or with z15?

 3 - How can it be determined if this CA BUNDL is on SP0 or SP1 level?



Release : 5.0

Component : CA Bundl


1) There are no known problems at this time with a z15 CPU, as BUNDL is not hardware-dependent.

2) Per URL:
. CA BUNDL 5.0 is compatible, at its base level, through z/OS 2.4.

3) If you go to the BUNDL CAILIB (load library), and browse member CACCRLSE, that will indicate, along with the release number, the service pack SPnn number.