Gen Java EJB batch processing targeting J2EE Application Server
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Gen Java EJB batch processing targeting J2EE Application Server


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When converting Gen Batch applications currently on z/OS as EJB Webservices. Tried to convert them as Batch targeting EJB, get error: "Language Parameter is not C, or COBOL".
Next, created Online No-Display (Batch Pstep) and packaged into Online Packaging and tried the generation targeting EJB but continue to get the error.  
What are the procedures when generating/installing and targeting J2EE applications for Batch applications?


Release : 8.6

Component : CA Gen Enterprise Java Beans


There is no real "batch" mode in the EJB world, specifically there is no analogy to JES which takes a queued job and begins executing it.  Gen only generates stateless session beans which need a client of some sort to invoke them.  An option is to write a "client driver" which invokes server Procedure Step (implemented as EJB) using the Gen proxy. The "client driver" would execute under control of some scheduling software. You could write a small "client driver" which invokes the server Procedure Step implemented as an EJB using the proxy.  If the client driver program is written in Java and uses the Java Proxy, then this program could run on the same application server as the EJBs. The latter can also be done in an asynchronous mode (Synchronous vs. Asynchronous Processing) to provide an unattended execution mechanism i.e. batch. 
Otherwise, write the program in C and use either the C or COM proxy.