Project Details tab: system error (Modern UX)
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Project Details tab: system error (Modern UX)


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Clarity PPM On Premise


Some users are unable to open the Project Details tab on the Modern UX.

Creating projects also show the same system error.

Only some users appear to be affected.

app-ca.log file shows:

ERROR 2020-12-01 10:46:47,915 [http-nio-8443-exec-3323] rest.validation (clarity:myuser:11188460__6C8861DC-27EA-46FC-B663-1387A8B77AD5:PPM_REST_API) ExceptionInfo ::  Could not retrieve resource. Resource name: projects. Error code: internal Error message: System error. Please contact system administrator.


One of the app servers was hung


On a load balancer tried to replicate the issue by connecting to each one of the app servers.

The errors were happening on one of the app servers

Restarted services on the affected server