Unable to have more than 8 criterion in existing analytics dashboard
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Unable to have more than 8 criterion in existing analytics dashboard


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Unable to add additional group criterions to the dashboard query if there are more than 8 criterions in already saved dashboard (Analytics Backend).

Example/Steps to reproduce:

Note: Analytics must be installed
1. Create a new dashboard.
2. Set the datasource to Workflows
3. Set the ‘Time Frame’ to within some timeframe
4. ‘Add criterion’ of Client = 100 (or any)
5. Once the client is added, click on ‘Add group’.
6. Set the group to ‘Any’
7. Within the group, click on ‘Add criterion’ and select some workflow name that ran on the system in specified timeframe (Ex: JOBP.1)
8. Within the same group, click on ‘Add criterion’ and add another 9 or 10 workflows that exist and ran on the system in the timeframe specified = JOBP.2, JOBP.3, etc.
9. Once you have the list of criterions in a group, click Apply and then save the dashboard.
10. Go back to the dashboard, click on 'Data source", and attempt to add another criterion
Expected results: Options 'Add criterion' and 'Add group’ are visible, and more criterions can be added and saved to the Dashboard.
Actual Results: Option 'Add criterion' and 'Add group’ are not visible as they appear to be below the ability to scroll down. To add another criterion, there should be 8 criterions or less; otherwise, no additional one can be added after saving a dashboard. If there is 8 or less, you can add as many criterions as needed, so it is not numbered by-design limitation.


Release : 12.3.X





The fix will be released in the future, no ETA at this time.