UIM (DXIM) NFA Integration - is this available in the Operator Console in 20.3x?
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UIM (DXIM) NFA Integration - is this available in the Operator Console in 20.3x?


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In UMP until 9.x we had a good integration of NFA in UIM/DX IM. You could direct jump from a router device to the NFA view. Is this available in OC 20.3(.1)? And if not, what is the replacement for this?


- UIM 20.3x


- Flash removal in 20.3x


As of UIM v20.3x, the NFA integration portlet has been deprecated, but NFA integration can still be accomplished using the nfa_inventory probe configuration.

The monitoring data is available via the Operator Console.

1. Deploy the nfa_inventory probe on a Hub-Robot and configure NFA Console IP.

· All the routers and interfaces will be published into UIM (you can check in the Inventory view in the Operator Console)

2. Enable snmpcollector (SNMPC) monitoring on the routers which are snmp pollable.

3. Deploy SNMPC probe on the same Hub-robot where NFA_Inventory is deployed (so that there won't be any discrepancy regarding origins between SNMPC and NFA_Inventory)

4. Create the monitoring profile using SNMPC probe

5. Check the monitoring data on the routers and interfaces in the Operator Console