Removing options from Virtual Analyst Bot
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Removing options from Virtual Analyst Bot


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ServiceDesk CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager


The (ARIA) ChatBot has four options:

  • I want to know the status
  • Show me more ticket actions
  • I want to talk to an Analyst
  • I have new issue/problem

This document shows how to change their labels or remove them.


Service Management 17.3


The Virtual Analyst response comes from RASA and Collaboration Micro Service (Virtual Analyst core module), so there are 2 places you have to modify the response:

(1) intent_mapper.cfg (Under Collaboration Micro Service configuration folder):

For example, for removing the label "I want to talk to an Analyst", search for "/create_ticket" under footers of any/all intent where you want to remove the create ticket flow.


(2) domain.yml file in RASA installed location:

  • Go to the templates, which define the response from RASA.
  • Search for /create_ticket payload under buttons node (you have to delete that).

Below is one example:

    - text: "I may not be able to help in this, please connect with +000-123456789."
        - title: "Help me in something else"
          payload: "/help"
        - title: "I want to create ticket"
          payload: "/create_ticket"

(3) This option comes from "utter_ticket_actions" in domain.yml.

RASA home should have the following scripts:

  • rasa_halt
  • rasa_train
  • rasa_run

Run them sequentially.

Additional Information

This link provides the intents that are configurable for the Virtual Analyst