Modern Timesheets Gauge Availability is rounded to the nearest day
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Modern Timesheets Gauge Availability is rounded to the nearest day


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When viewing the gauge on the Modern Timesheets, the Available Time is rounded to a full day if the Timesheet Options for Display Units is set to Days. 


1. Configure Display Units as Days in Timesheet Options  

(Administration => Project Management => Timesheet Options) 
Section: Default Time Entry Options 
Display Unit: Days 

2. Modify the Calendar of a given resource for a specific week 
(Home => Resource Management => Resources) 
Click on a Resource: (For instance, Administrator, CA PPM) 
Modify the Calendar for the Resource "CA PPM Administrator" 
Select Wednesday 22 of July. Click on Make Non-Workday 
Select Thursday 23 of July. Click on Set shifts 
Leave just the first row "Shift 1" from 8:00 AM to 12:00 AM 

That would set the availability for Resource "CA PPM Administrator" on the week of the 20th of July to 3,5 days (28 hours) 

3. Make sure the New UI timesheets are active on the environment 
(Administration => General Settings => System Options) 
Section: New user Experience 
Activate Timesheets: Checked 

4. Log in to PPM with the Resource for which the calendar was modified. CA PPM Administrator in this case 

5. Click on Timesheets Icon in the New UI 

6. Select the Timesheet for Period Jul 20 - Jul 26 

Expected Results: The availability is displayed as 3.5 days (0.00/3.50).

Actual Results: The availability is displayed as 4 days (0.00/4.00).

Workaround: Setting the Display Units as Hours in the Timesheet Options will show the exact availability on the Timesheet (28 hours).


Clarity PPM 15.x


This is reported as Defect DE56369


Defect DE56369 is fixed in 15.9.1