ByPassScanTimeoutError does not return a clean verdict on timeout in Protection Engine 8.2


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The ByPassScanTimeoutError setting in category3.xml does not return a clean verdict on timeout in Symantec Protection Engine (SPE) 8.2. Instead you see a Generic Result ID 36 error in the logs along with one or both of the following:

AntiVirus Result ID 11 (with "Failed with scan error hex code 0x3")
Decomposer Result ID 28 (with "Failed with scan error hex code 0x3")


Apply the attached hotfix:


  1. Stop the symcscan service (display name is Symantec Protection Engine on Windows).
  2. Go to the SPE installation directory on Windows or <install dir>/bin on Linux.
  3. Backup csapi.dll on Windows or on Linux.
  4. Replace the file from step 3 with the the csapi.dll or provided in the bin directory of the hotfix.
  5. Ensure the permission to newly copied files are identical to backed-up files.
  6. If you need a copy of category3.xml, you can use the one included with the hotfix. Place the file in the same directory you placed the files in step 4. Edit the file with a text editor to change ScanTimeoutInSeconds to your desired timeout value and to set BypassScanTimeoutError to true.
  7. Start the symcscan service.


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