Migrating ITPAM it a new server
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Migrating ITPAM it a new server


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Is it possible to migrate or copy a given PAM Server to an entirely new server.  
Example:  Existing PAM Server is running release 4.3 on Windows Server 2016.  Idea is to migrate or copy the PAM Server to a new Windows Server 2019 server


Release : 4.0 or higher

Component : Process Automation


There is no supported process for migrating from one set of servers to another. If you point a new ITPAM install at an existing database it will find the library of process instances, but all of the instance runs have a Orchestrators UUID attached and will only run if that UUID matches. This will cause all running instances hang in their current state.

The best option would be to setup these 2 new servers as Cluster Nodes, once sure those new systems are working and executing processes shut down the 2 original orchestrators.
This will register the new orchestrators with the existing UUID and allow existing instance to run on those new installs.

In short, one will need to install a new node on the new server, then decommission the old one.